With his distinctively soulful, captivating voice and his honest songs, ELTO takes you on a musical journey through a world of different emotions – knowing that each person has their own unique story to tell, and yet they are all tied to the same great emotions that affect and connect us as humans.


When ELTO picks up the guitar and sings, he does so with an ease that makes it seem like it’s all he’s ever done. This makes it even more difficult to believe that him becoming a musician was practically by chance. Only through a chain of various circumstances, the native Austrian teaches himself to play the guitar in his teenage years. Shortly thereafter, he forms a band together with his cousin, but he quickly realizes that he is drawn in a different direction musically. What he’s seeking is a more acoustic, pure, and authentic sound. And so, his first songs come about – this time in English, the language in which he feels more at home artistically.


For a while, he pursues his solo project and his band at the same time, but eventually, ELTO moves to Berlin to dedicate himself fully to his solo career. In the capital city, he meets with countless songwriters and producers and gradually expands his repertoire. A first taste of this repertoire has already been released, his debut single „Break It Off“, a catchy track about an on-and-off love affair. With its nostalgic sound and rock elements, the track reveals quite a bit about ELTO’s early musical influences. „I like music more the organic way,’; he explains about his own unique sound, and continues, “I like music that’s filled with life, that’s emotional and moving, and that – above all – aims for something greater than just landing your next big hit or garnering attention.”


A few more songs are already in the pipeline and more are currently in the works. What unites them all is that they stem from the depths of his heart. His profound passion for everything that inspires his music becomes palpable with every beat. And then there’s that gentle rasp in his voice, which is guaranteed to give you goosebumps while listening to his songs – be it live or on the radio. What drives ELTO as a person and musician is his desire to form a deep connection with his audience. He’s not out for recognition or instant success. He wants to meet people at eye level and, through his music, experience feelings together. And it’s working for him. He has already performed as the opening act for the renowned German singer & songwriter Joris, and to anyone who hears ELTO, it immediately becomes clear: There is no doubt that great things lie ahead for this musician.



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