Every note he sings sounds like home. Every chord he plays yearns for adventure. ELTO’s music is 100% feeling. Familiar and dreamy. Like a crumpled childhood photo that you always pull out of your treasure chest when you’re rummaging through your attic. As soon as the heart and soul musician strikes his guitar strings, Indie feeling mixes with radio pop, campfire with big city sounds. Modern sounds meet raw instruments. ELTO – English IndiePop. This is where his heart beats loudest. This is where he is at home – in his music.


ELTO lives his music. And he likes to do it at the limit. He is a dreamer for whom no dream is too high. He jumps from a 20 meter cliff into the cold water or blasts down the mountain roads at high speed on his longboard. And exactly these edges and corners become audible in his songs. Here, real instruments are back again, “analog” cool again and authenticity “in” again. Whether with acoustic guitar or band – ELTO’s songs and stories take you on a journey. They let you feel life, without the will to tell you how to do it. Just that it goes, no matter how big and deep the potholes on the way may be.

What do “knitted socks from grandma”, “handmade bread” and ELTO’s music have in common? All of them are made with love. ELTO’s music comes from the inside and you can hear that. His distinctive, soulful voice gives you a warm hug when there’s no one there. Like the Golden Hour, which gives you hope, even when things aren’t going so well. With his lyrics the singer and songwriter motivates and paints stars on every dark sky.


ELTO prefers to be himself. No matter where, no matter how, the main thing is music. There is hardly a living room or street corner where he hasn’t played yet. The globetrotter doesn’t pack suitcases – he just grabs his guitar and hits the road. Egyptian roots, born and raised in Austria. His compass are the melodies of life and ELTO follows the direction his guitar points. He has now found his musical home in Berlin, where he is producing his debut album with music producer Mic Schröder (Joris, Lotte, Rea Garvey and many more) at eleventwentyStudios.
“Smooth and powerful at the same time”
“Big city feeling with campfire vibes”
“Dreaming out loud while taking off”